Helping Businesses Navigate Customs Laws and Regulations

Effectively, efficiently, and lawfully transporting goods in and out of the United States can be daunting for individuals and companies without substantial customs experience.  This can be a barrier to company growth, cutting U.S. companies off from access to foreign markets and direct import benefits.  Small and medium sized companies often lack the resources and experience of larger competitors.  This presents challenges in mitigating risk.  Setting up the right operations to take advantage of opportunities abroad can seem overwhelming.

Green and Spiegel U.S. works closely with government and private customs professionals to demystify the movement of goods across U.S. borders.  There are substantial resources available to reduce the costs, mitigate the risk, and effectively assess opportunities for growth abroad and evolving supply chains.  We are well-positioned to help companies investigate these opportunities and to connect them with the right partners going forward.

Careful, deliberate, and effective planning can get a company’s expansion of opportunities abroad off on the right foot.  We are an effective partner for small to medium sized companies which are exploring import and export as a tool for growth and efficiency improvement. We are focused on your business goals, and we are experts in finding the resources you need to accomplish them.  Our aim is to empower your management team to drive your business plans forward.  We have sixty years of business immigration experience and bring a unique, holistic, international focus to the table.

Helping Individuals and Businesses Resolve Customs Disputes

Private citizens, businesses, and even customs and logistics professionals occasionally find themselves in disputes with the government or with parties to a contract.  Very often timely and discrete legal intervention can resolve these matters quickly and fairly.

Green and Spiegel U.S. represents individuals and companies in disputes, negotiating on their behalf with the government and other parties.  We are creative, diligent, and zealous in our advocacy on behalf of our clients, and we work closely with trusted customs and logistics partners to get the best possible results.  When things have gone wrong, we are there to get things back on track.

Helping Clients Retrieve Seized Assets and Property

Assets and property can be seized for a wide range of real and imagined conduct and getting assets and property returned to you can be frustrating.  In addition to the paperwork and the challenges of communicating with the government, misstatements and missteps can make the situation worse.   The right lawyer can make all the difference.

Green and Spiegel U.S. has decades of experience working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  We know how to approach and negotiate with the government on our clients’ behalf.  We also have extensive experience dealing with law enforcement and are well-positioned to assess risk and liability.

When the government claims assets and property, it is often best to find good legal counsel. Green and Spiegel U.S. is the right partner in such situations.

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