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Green and Spiegel Midwest

Immigration Services in the Midwestern United States

Green and Spiegel has provided a full range of United States immigration services to individuals and corporations for over 50 years. We serve clients from coast to coast via our offices in Philadelphia, PA, Providence, RI, and Vail, CO. Throughout the years, there has been a growing demand for immigration services in the Midwestern United States. To fully satisfy this demand, Green and Spiegel opened a Midwest location in Cleveland, Ohio on September 1, 2019.

Our new Midwest office is a partnership with the global immigration law practice of Ritter Halliday, LLP. Founders Marin K. Ritter and Brian J. Halliday have nearly five decades of immigration law experience between them, and as Directors of our Midwest office they join Green and Spiegel in serving the global immigration needs of our clients. Their dedication, high ethical standards, and significant experience in the area of immigration law make Ms. Ritter and Mr. Halliday welcome additions to Green and Spiegel’s practice.

The Midwest U.S. is known for its agriculture and manufacturing industries, but it is so much more. The region is a growing hub for the finance, legal services, information technology, healthcare, biomedical devices, food and beverage processing, aerospace and aviation, glass and building materials, paint and coatings, mining, metal fabrication, and polymer industries. Of the top 20 states that are home to Fortune 500 company headquarters, six are in the Midwest—more than any other region.

Green and Spiegel has significant experience serving clients in these industries. From small businesses and start-ups to larger corporations and multinational companies, we provide proactive, cost-effective, and efficient immigration solutions and policies, including processing nonimmigrant visas and permanent residence for employees, transferring key talent from overseas offices, and government compliance audits, as well as assisting with immigration law compliance and advising on mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. No matter the size or scope of your business, our team has the specialized experience to handle your business immigration needs.

With easy access to transportation, a highly skilled workforce, and a low cost of living, the Midwest is an ideal place to start a business. Green and Spiegel can help investors and entrepreneurs invest in an existing business or open a new office in the Midwest. We vet immigration options based on the client’s needs and circumstances, and then help them move forward with their new business venture, as well as offering creative options for forging relationships between new companies and the Midwest’s many notable colleges and universities, including some of the country’s best schools for medicine, engineering, business, and innovation. In addition, Green and Spiegel can assist Midwestern educational institutions with immigration issues for foreign students and foreign national faculty and staff.

The Midwest is also home to many immigrant communities. In addition to its employment-based immigration law services, Green and Spiegel works with individuals to resolve family-based immigration issues, including nonimmigrant visas, immigrant visas, waivers of inadmissibility, and asylum/refugee status. Our attorneys help individuals maintain permanent residence and obtain U.S. citizenship by birth or naturalization. For clients in need of removal and deportation defense, our firm offers representation before Immigration Courts nationwide, the Board of Immigration Appeals, United States District Courts, and United States Courts of Appeal. Green and Spiegel continues to be a resource for individuals and their families in the Midwest throughout the immigration process.

As one of the world’s oldest immigration law practices, Green and Spiegel is excited to continue servicing existing clients and welcomes new clients in the Midwest seeking assistance in all areas of immigration and nationality law.

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