UConn’s Adama Sanogo and Miami’s Norchad Omier will meet on the court Saturday night, both of them key players who have helped clear their teams’ path to the Final Four in Houston. But despite their growing popularity, both big men are part of a group of college athletes who face complicated obstacles making it harder for them to cash in on their starring roles on one of the biggest, most lucrative stages in college sports. Ksenia Maiorova explains how she’s helped college athletes seek alternative visa options to be able to make money while in the United States.



  • Ksenia Maiorava

    Ksenia Maiorova is a Partner in Green and Spiegel’s Orlando office. With more than 15 years of legal experience, Ksenia is recognized as one of the nation’s leading specialists in sports immigration and has vast experience representing athletes, coaches, and other sports industry professionals in connection with their applications for visas and permanent resident status.

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