BACKGROUND:  To prevent viral transmission of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”), the People’s Republic of China (“China”) pursued quarantines, testing, and travel restrictions.  These policies continued long after much of the world lifted restrictions.  The result seems to be that China’s population has developed little COVID-19 immunity.

Economic considerations and civil unrest have caused China to ease its restrictions and doing so has exposed its population to risks of exposure.  On the plus side, 90% of China’s population have been vaccinated and many have had two or three doses.  Nonetheless, China’s population is so large that some 800 million people are likely to be infected with COVID-19 this winter.  (See .)

In response, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has instituted new travel conditions on air passengers, two years or older.  Those who have been in China or its Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong or Macau) in the ten days prior to seeking to enter the U.S. must present a negative COVID-19 test results and the test must have been taken no more than two days prior to flight departure.  (NOTE:  Those who have had COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to travel can demonstrate this with documentation of COVID-19 recovery, rather than a negative COVID-19 test result.)

(See .)

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