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Jun 10, 2019

Premium Processing Now Available for All FY2020 H-1B Cap Petitions

Joshua H. Rolf

Beginning June 10, 2019, USCIS will accept Premium Processing for all Petitions selected in this year’s H-1B Cap Lottery. Initially, the Service only allowed H-1B Petitions requesting a change of status to also request Premium Processing at the time of submission. Effective May 20, 2019, USCIS opened-up this opportunity to other change of status Petitions that did not elect Premium Processing upfront.

Per USCIS’ announcement, as of today the Service will also allow H-1B Cap Petitions that requested Consular Processing to pay the $1,410.00 filing fee in exchange for a decision within 15 calendar days of receipt. With this option available across the board, all H-1B Petitions have the opportunity to be adjudicated prior to their October 1, 2019 start dates. For all other H-1B Petitions, Premium Processing remains in place without change.

If you are interested in upgrading your pending H-1B Cap Petition to Premium Processing or have any other questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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Joshua H. Rolf

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