Green and Spiegel, LLC (Green and Spiegel) is a recognized authority in the movement of people, materials, and products.  We are pleased to announce that we have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Malian Diaspora and Locals Coalition (USMDLC) to facilitate international commerce.  Thereby, we are promoting international trade, facilitating lawful immigration, developing bilateral and multilateral relations, and promoting the integration of the Malian diaspora into the economic fabric of the United States.

International commerce promotes peace, prosperity, and stability and history is replete with examples of nations and civilizations for which increased trade provided opportunities far beyond what the interests of the parties.  We believe that orderly international commerce is good for the world, and we are pleased to work with the USMDLC, to promote U.S.Mali relations.

Pursuant to our MOU, we are working with the USMDLC to match individuals, institutions, and businesses with opportunities in Mali and in the United States.  The USMDLC is referring those requiring immigration, compliance, customs, and trade legal services to Green and Spiegel and we are referring those seeking trade opportunities in Mali to the USMDLC.  Additionally, we are collaborating on information, education, and training, working together to increase awareness of the opportunities that exist in Mali and the United States.

Green and Spiegel and the USMDLC welcome inquiries from parties interested in U.S. – Malian trade.  Please feel to reach out to Green and Spiegel’s David Spaulding ( or the USMDLC’s Mama Traore ( for more information.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, nothing we post here is legal advice, nor does reading anything we write or communicating with us on or through social media form an attorney/client relationship between us. Choosing an attorney is a serious matter and should not be based solely or primarily on advertising or any other public communication of an attorney or law firm.

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