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On June 3rd, 2024, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced new, enhanced pilot programs to support caregivers and Canadian families. The new pilot programs are aimed to increase access to caregivers for children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. They are set to launch in 2024, following the closure of the existing Home Child Care Provider and the Home Support Worker Pilot programs on June 17th, 2024.

The new pilot programs will provide caregivers with permanent residency upon arrival in Canada. This marks a major change, as the existing pilots required caregivers to attain at least 12 months of full-time Canadian work experience before processing would begin on their application for permanent residence.

Through these new pilot programs, candidates interested in working in Canada’s home care sector will be eligible to apply if they are able to attain a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 4. This is lower than the CLB 5 requirement under the current pilot programs. The new pilots will also require that candidates hold the equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma, which again lowers the requirement of the current pilot programs which require candidates to hold at least a one-year post secondary program credential. Finally, like the current pilot programs, applicants will require “recent and relevant work experience”  and an offer for a full-time home care job.

Importantly, the new pilot programs offer more flexibility for candidates by expanding occupational requirements beyond traditional roles in private homes. They will allow caregivers to work for organizations that provide temporary or part­time care for people who are semi-independent or recovering from an injury or illness. More details are expected to be released by IRCC closer to the full launch of the new pilot programs.

The new pilot programs will play an important role in helping reach Canada’s immigration objectives. According to the 2024–2026 Immigration Levels Plan, Canada plans to admit over 15,000 caregivers as permanent residents.

The new pilot programs represent a significant advancement in Canada’s ongoing efforts to meet the changing home care needs of its diverse population and show learnings from past pilot programs. The new programs aim to provide a clear pathway toward permanent residency for caregivers, ensuring transparency and predictability in their immigration journey. Importantly, the programs also aim to address the persistent gap in the labour market, by providing Canadians with more options for home care services.

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