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Over the past few years, Canada has emerged as a top destination for individuals looking to emigrate for work. A new study has confirmed this, revealing that Canada is the most desirable work destination for 56 nations across the globe.

Canada is the Top Work Destination According to Google Search

The team at Givetastic, a British company, recently analyzed the average Google monthly search volume for matching term keywords, such as “jobs” and “work”, to determine the top dream destinations to work abroad. After conducting their research, Canada was revealed as the number one search in 56 out of 164 countries, beating out second-place Germany and third-place Qatar by a significant margin. Other popular destinations in the top 10 list include the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, and the USA.

The chart below reveals the top 10 list:

RankCountryNumber of Countries as Top Search

Source: Revealed: Dream Work Destinations Around the World (Givetastic, 2023).

According to the data analyzed, Canada was the top work destination searched in a diverse range of countries, including Chile, Bangladesh, South Africa, India, Jamaica, Ecuador, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the USA, and many others from around the globe.

Canada’s popularity as the number one dream work destination is unsurprising, given Canada’s high quality of life, cultural diversity, robust economy, job opportunities, world-class healthcare and education systems, and stunning natural landscapes.

Canadian Immigration Programs for Foreign Workers

The Canadian government’s immigration policies increasingly prioritize skilled workers, recognizing the valuable contributions they make to the country’s economy and society. For example, the Global Skills Strategy is a Canadian immigration initiative aimed at making it easier for Canadian employers to attract and retain top international talent, with highly skilled occupations being particularly in demand. This strategy is designed to help Canadian businesses remain competitive in the global marketplace by ensuring they can access the expertise they need to thrive.

Other immigration programs which support foreign workers emigrating to Canada include the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers for temporary positions when there are labour shortages, as well as Provincial Nominee Programs, which allows each province to tailor their immigration programs to the specific labour needs of the province.

Foreign Workers Acquiring Canadian Permanent Residency

Many workers who come to work in Canada hope to eventually settle permanently with their families. This is made possible through Canada’s world-renowned permanent residence programs, such as the Express Entry system, which manages the applications of skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents of Canada. The Express Entry system prioritizes foreign workers based on their skills, education, work experience, and language proficiency. Candidates are ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and those with higher scores are invited to apply for permanent residence. This system emphasizes attributes that foreign workers often possess, making it an attractive option for those residing abroad who wish to permanently settle in Canada.

Another option for foreign workers hoping to move to Canada and acquire permanent residence is through the Start-Up Visa Program, which encourages foreign nationals to build innovative and internationally competitive companies that will create employment opportunities for Canadians. Entrepreneurs who are eligible for the program will receive funding, guidance, and expertise for opening and operating their companies in Canada. Investors in the start-up business will also be eligible for Canadian permanent residence.

Canada’s immigration programs are built on the understanding that foreign workers play a vital role in the country’s growth and prosperity. By prioritizing their entry and settlement, Canada not only addresses labour shortages but also enriches its social fabric with the diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences of newcomers. This approach not only benefits foreign workers but also contributes to Canada’s status as a thriving and inclusive nation.

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