Although immigration is technically under federal jurisdiction, the Province of Ontario plays an active role in contributing to the selection of immigrants through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program as well as funding services affecting immigrants. The announcement of the 2019 Budget last week will have an affect on the immigration system.

Key Announcements that will impact Immigration:

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The 2019 Budget as well as proposed regulatory amendments include the following changes:

  • Adding occupations to the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills and reducing the work experience required. The occupations to be added are: Transport truck drivers; Nurse aids, orderlies and patient service associates; and some Home support workers and related occupations.
  • Introducing a pilot program for smaller communities.
  • Introducing a stream for the technology sector.
  • Reducing the investment, net worth, and work experience requirements under the Entrepreneur Stream.
  • Cancelling the Corporate stream.

Direction to Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario has been instructed that it may no longer use provincial funding toward legal services in cases dealing with immigration and refugee law. This puts the organization at a major shortfall in its ability to deliver services to refugee claimants, which will have less than half of the funding required for its projected costs to deliver certificates and services for the 2019-2020 year.[1]

[1]“Interim Changes to LAO refugee and immigration services” Legal Aid Ontario. Accessible at :


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