The Spanish Golden Visa Program offers investors from outside the European Union (EU) a gateway to Europe.

In exchange for an investment in the Spanish economy, the program offers a temporary residence permit for one year that is renewable for up to five years, providing investors with a clear path to permanent residency and citizenship. Investors can establish themselves in one of Europe’s oldest countries with a storied history, a modern economy and a high quality of life. At the same time, the minimal residency requirements and access to 25 other Schengen Area countries, the Golden Visa opens up an entire continent.


Requirements of the Golden Visa Program

  • Enter Spain while holding a valid Schengen Visa
  • Make a real-estate investment in Spain of at least €500,000 prior to application
  • Investment may in a single property or portfolio of properties
  • Option to qualify by transferring €1 million in capital, creating jobs in Spain, or by buying Spanish bonds worth €2 million
  • No minimum stay requirements​

Attractions/Benefits of the Golden Visa Program

  • Residency in a modern EU nation
  • Access to 25 other Schengen countries
  • Favorable tax incentives for Spanish and foreign income
  • No inheritance tax for immediate family members
  • Qualified applicants may be eligible for Spanish Permanent Residency after 5 years and Spanish Citizenship after another 5 years.

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