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Green and Spiegel - An Immigration Law Firm


About Green and Spiegel

Green and Spiegel is Canada’s largest and oldest immigration law practice with over 50 years of experience assisting a diverse global clientele. We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada with U.S. offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Providence, Rhode Island and Vail, Colorado.

Green and Spiegel offers a full range of Canadian and American immigration services for employers, temporary workers, individuals and their families. Whether you are coming to Canada or the United States, to work, join your family, or seek new opportunities, Green and Spiegel can help. If you are an employer who needs an expert to manage your global mobility needs, Green and Spiegel has the depth and breadth of expertise to provide your business with immigration support to ensure a global mobility program that operates smoothly and efficiently.

Our History

Mendel Green founded Green and Spiegel LLP in 1962 when immigration law was in its infancy. It was not uncommon for families to be separated by seemingly arbitrary decisions and the prospect of an appeal was nonexistent – immigration decisions were final. The importance of our work was underlined by a lack of accessibility to representation – there were only two lawyers practicing immigration law in Toronto at the time. 

What a difference more than 50 years can make. Since then, our practice has grown to include three U.S. offices, 5 partners, and a family of over 100 employees. We restrict our practice exclusively to immigration law and our law firm is considered an industry leader. 

Our Culture

How is Green and Spiegel different? Simply put – we are all immigration, all of the time.  We are built on the foundation of our staff and team approach to immigration services. Our diverse and talented staff of over 100 immigration professionals are able to offer services in over 30 different languages. We live our diversity – and it shows. Our mantra is to get the work done.