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International Experience Canada Conducts First Round of Invitations

December 16, 2015 – The first round of Invitations-to-Apply for work permits through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program were conducted today. Candidates who have received an invitation will now have ten days to decide if they will accept the invitation and, once accepted, twenty days to submit their online work permit application.

The IEC program is the result of bilateral agreements between Canada and other countries to provide young people with the opportunity to earn international work experience. IEC operates three program streams: Working Holiday, Young Professionals and Co-op. Candidates may participate in each stream only once, and in some cases may be eligible to participate in up to two different streams.

Today’s round is the result of significant changes made to the quota-limited IEC streams that came into effect on November 21, 2015. Previously, IEC streams operated on a first-come/first-served basis and many of the most popular programs, particularly the Working Holiday stream, reached their quota within minutes of opening.

Under the new program, candidates create an online profile and are placed in all available pools for which they are eligible.

If you would like more information on the International Experience Canada program, or would like to create a profile, please contact Green and Spiegel.