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Oct 21, 2021

Travelling to the United States as a Fully-Vaccinated Traveler

Featuring: Toni Valenti

Travelling to the United States as a Fully-Vaccinated Traveler

Starting November 8, 2021, the United States will open their borders to ‘fully vaccinated’ travelers. For many people in Canada, being ‘fully vaccinated’ includes receiving mixed vaccine doses followed by the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. Luckily for those in Canada, as of November 8, 2021, Canadians vaccinated with any combination of 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by U.S. regulators or the World Health Organization will be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ and be able to enter the United States.

This means those vaccinated with both AstraZeneca/ mRNA and mixed mRNA doses are considered “fully vaccinated” and can travel to the United States. What yet remains to be clear is whether other countries will follow suit and begin recognizing mixed vaccine schedules. The Canadian government is actively engaging international partners around the globe and is sharing evidence and experiences with mixed schedules of Health Canada-approved vaccines. As the world begins to open, knowing which vaccines and vaccine schedules are approved in each country remains a waiting game.

If you have any questions about international travel or Canadian immigration amid COVID-19 please contact us directly. 

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