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Nov 30, 2017

How are International Students Affected by the Ontario College Strike?

November 30, 2017 - Now that the Ontario college strike is over, you have until December 5, 2017, to inform your designated learning institution (DLI) what you decide to do about your studies. Depending on your future education plans, and whether you wish to accept a refund for your tuition, your immigration status may be impacted.

If you stay enrolled in fall 2017 and continue your studies post-strike, there is no impact on your immigration status. You are still eligible for on- or off-campus work, a co-op permit, and a post-graduation work permit. Similarly, if you accept a refund for the fall semester and stop your studies, but plan to continue at your DLI in January, there is no impact on your immigration status, and you are still eligible for the same work authorizations once your studies recommence in January.

However, if you accept a full tuition refund, and are either not enrolled in another semester until summer 2018, or are not enrolled as a student for any future semesters, your status may be affected.

In the first scenario of an extended gap before returning to school, if you wish to stay in Canada during this time, you may change your status to visitor. If your current study permit expires before your scheduled semester, you will need to apply for a new study permit from outside Canada to return to Canada to study. However, if your current permit does not expire until after the completion of your future scheduled semester, you will not need a new study permit. Importantly, since you are not enrolled at a DLI for the foreseeable future, until the point of recommencing your study, you are not eligible for the above work authorizations.

Accepting the refund without future scheduled enrollment means that you have lost your student status in Canada. At this time, you can either change your status to visitor to stay in the country, or choose to leave. Since you are no longer enrolled at a DLI, you are ineligible for any sort of work authorization. 

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