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Jan 14, 2021

5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

1. Immigration to Canada can be confusing. 

 Even in the simplest of cases, applications for permanent residence, work permits and family sponsorships can be very frustrating for someone trying to navigate the government websites.  Moreover, processes and forms often change with little or no notice causing additional issues for individuals trying to figure out how to make an application for the first time.  Determining which application to use, how to pay fees and where to submit the application can be stressful.  An experienced immigration lawyer has all this information at his/her fingertips. If you retain an immigration lawyer, you can sit back and let the lawyer do the work.

2. Some matters are too complex to handle on your own.

 Some cases that involve criminal or medical inadmissibility can be challenging for even the best of  lawyers. Add a global pandemic to the mix and things are even more difficult to figure out…… testing, quarantines, and essential travel are just some issues that can baffle the untrained applicant.    If you have a case that is not straight forward, it makes sense to retain a lawyer who has ample experience dealing with complex inadmissibility cases

3. It will be done right the first time.

 If you choose to retain an experienced immigration lawyer, your application will proceed as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.  For example, if you want to sponsor your spouse, an immigration lawyer who has done hundreds of these types of applications, will process the application with ease.  If you decide to do it on your own, you will likely be faced with many questions you do not know how to answer, your application might be returned if it is not filled out properly and, in the worst case, your application might be refused.

4. If your first application has been refused. 

 People often reach out to an immigration lawyer if their first application was refused. Immigration lawyers are often able to investigate where the problem occurred and fix it for the person. 

5. If you hire a lawyer your may save time and money in the long run. 

If you decide to try your luck with an application, you may not be successful and end up having to hire a lawyer to help you out.  In most cases, it is less expensive for you if you retain a lawyer in the beginning as opposed to hiring a lawyer to fix your mistakes.   Hiring a lawyer when things have not gone smoothly can be costly and expensive for you.

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