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Federal Litigation

The Federal Litigation Team at Green & Spiegel, LLC can assist in filing federal lawsuits throughout the United States to challenge unlawful denial of immigration benefits, mandate that immigration agencies adjudicate stalled applications, and grant statutory benefits pursuant to immigration law. Our attorneys have received approval of previously denied H-1B visas, argued statutory relief for approval of citizenship, and freed unlawfully detained immigrants from the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Federal Litigation Team has successfully won these cases by challenging the decisions from these agencies within the Department of Homeland Security.

Green & Spiegel, LLC stands by its clients and demands the due process owed to them under settled immigration law.  Agency decisions may be challenged under a variety of federal statutes and the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). Our team has the experience to take on the government and litigate the increasingly arbitrary decisions by federal agencies.  We welcome individuals and businesses, including those that have worked with other immigration firms for the administrative filings in their cases, to discuss litigation options for challenging government denials, delays and detention.

Our team members hold admission in several states and Circuit Courts, and, along with our Midwest and New England Offices, our team is able to seek pro hac vice admission to file suit nationwide. We are able to move many matters through to successful conclusion without filing a complaint in some instances and without heavy litigation in others. Should you wish to pursue federal court litigation in your case, please contact the attorneys at Green & Spiegel, LLC.

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