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Nov 5, 2018

Emily Brown Shares Lessons from Responsible Business Alliance’s 2018 Annual Conference

Associate Attorney Emily Brown of Green and Spiegel’s International Supply Chain Initiative attended the Responsible Business Alliance’s Annual Conference in Santa Clara, CA on October 30 and 31. In the heart of Silicon Valley, the tech world came together to share best practices for sourcing materials and policies to reduce forced labor in the global electronics supply chain.

Ideas were exchanged on indicators for identifying forced labor and remediation if it is uncovered. Panelists also addressed how companies are expanding due diligence efforts. Companies are implementing new policies and procedures in compliance with modern slavery legislation and international guidelines. Moreover, attendees learned how law enforcement actions are increasing against companies whose supply chain and goods are tainted with forced labor.

Representing the International Supply Chain Initiative (ISCI), Emily was thrilled to join the conversation on how legal mechanisms can help reduce a company’s risk of forced labor, to improve the life of workers in the supply chain and further overall business objectives. For more information regarding the International Supply Chain Initiative (ISCI) and how to protect your company from the risk of forced labor, contact our office for assistance.

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