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Immigrant Innovation

A Podcast by Green and Spiegel, LLC


While working in the field of immigration law, Green and Spiegel has met countless immigrants with incredible stories that need to be told. With so much negative press and the increasing negative stigma surrounding immigrants in the United States, Green and Spiegel's U.S. Practice Director and Managing Partner, Jonathan Grode, wanted to share inspiring, positive, and uplifting stories about people willing to sacrifice everything to start a life in the United States.

In this podcast, Jonathan talks directly to business owners about their experiences as immigrants. The podcast highlights conversations with immigrant entrepreneurs, including why they wanted to come to the United States, their path here, and how they started with nothing yet built a successful business. Guests include Green and Spiegel clients, immigrants throughout Philadelphia, and beyond.

Anyone interested in business, entrepreneurship, small business, learning about other cultures, and immigration law should tune into this podcast. Conversations revolve around adversity and how these extraordinary people have overcome their own difficult obstacles to achieve greatness. It also discusses their personal legal challenges, what is going on in immigration law now, and how changing the laws might make it easier for immigrants in the future.

The podcast is available via Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, RSS, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn.