Over the weekend, USCIS began to issue non-selection notices for individuals not selected in the H-1B Cap lottery for Fiscal Year 2023. While USCIS has not yet made any formal announcement, it does not appear that a second lottery has been, or will be, conducted this year.

USCIS received a record number of registrations this year, with approximately 483,927 registrations having been received in March 2022, an increase of nearly 60% from FY 2022. Of these 483,927 registrations, USCIS selected 127,600 registrations in order to meet the H-1B cap annual quota of 85,000. This was a substantial increase over the 87,500 initial selections that were made last year for the same number of slots, and appears to have been sufficient to meet the Cap quota for this year, without requiring additional lottery rounds.

For registrants who were not selected during the initial selection round in April 2022, USCIS will be issuing non-selection notices, which can be accessed online through each Petitioner’s myUSCIS account.

If you are interested in working with Green & Spiegel to be submitted in the H-1B Lottery for next year, please complete the following Intake Form to be added to our H-1B Cap contact list. We will reach out to you with more information once our FY2024 process kicks off in January 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the H-1B Cap process, please feel free to contact our Firm to schedule a consultation.

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