As of September 27, 2021, direct flights from India to Canada will resume. However, there are certain procedures in place if you would like to come to Canada from India. Passengers eligible to enter Canada and traveling on a direct flight will need to:

  • Obtain a pre-departure negative COVID-19 molecular test result from the Genestrings Laboratory, located above the metro station in the Airport Connect Building (ACB) at the Indira Gandhi International Airport;
  • This test must be performed within 18 hours of your scheduled departure; and
  • You must present the test report with a QR code issued by Genestrings to the air operator before boarding

There is only one exception. Travelers who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 can present a positive molecular test issued by any certified laboratory in India. This test must have been conducted between 14 days and 180 days before one’s scheduled departure to Canada.

If you are unable to meet these requirements, you will be refused boarding on a direct flight to Canada.

Travelers may also enter Canada from India via an indirect route. To enter Canada, you must still provide a pre-departure molecular test from a third country. If you are entering indirectly, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There are still certain countries that don’t allow entry or transit of passengers arriving from India or passengers who previously tested positive for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 testing for passengers who are in transit to Canada may not be available at all international airports of transit countries
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 while in transit, you may face local quarantine regulations or be returned to your point of departure.

That means when booking an indirect flight from India to Canada, make sure the country you are transiting through can provide you with a COVID-19 test and welcomes travelers from India.

If you have any questions about international travel or Canadian immigration amid COVID-19 please contact us directly.

Safe travels!


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