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Passport Canada Announces Increase in 2013 Fees for Passports

Passport Canada has indicated that fees for obtaining passports will be rising significantly in the New Year. As of July 2013, the cost of obtaining a passport valid for 5 years will increase from $87 to $120 for adults, and from $20 to $57 for minors. Fees for passports processed outside of Canada will also increase significantly to $190 for adults and to $100 for minors. A new 10 year passport will also be offered at a cost of $160.

Passport Canada acknowledges that the increased fees may be a burden for low-income persons, but has not indicated that any reduced fee structures will be provided.

The Agency has stated that fees are increasing in part to help cover the costs of a soon to be introduced ePassport, which will include a chip containing all of the information on the bio page of passports, and will be used by border authorities to confirm the validity of the passport.