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Partner Ravi Jain quoted in India Abroad

Green and Spiegel LLP partner Ravi Jain was quoted in India Abroad on April 1, 2011 saying that the practice of immigration law “should be limited to lawyers.” Commenting on a recent decision of the federal government to create the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, Jain compared the practice of immigration law by non-lawyers to non-doctors practicing medicine. “Immigration law is incredibly complex”, he commented and “ever evolving”. He is hopeful that the new body will “have teeth to prosecute” unethical consultants effectively, unlike the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, which the government is eliminating and which, Jain claims, “was utterly useless”. And Jain is optimistic that, although the new body is unlikely to be able to pursue unethical consultants abroad, the Canadian government will work with foreign governments to address the problem.