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Partner Ravi Jain comments on Government’s new Rules for Family Class Immigrants in India Abroad

In the November 18, 2011 issue of India Abroad, Green and Spiegel LLP partner Ravi Jain expressed concern that Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) planned increase next year in the number of visas for sponsored parents and grandparents may come at the expense of other family class immigrants, namely, spouses/partners and children. “The minister (Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney) seems to be arguing that there are a certain number of visas we can issue every year and if we increase in one way, we have to decrease in another,” Jain noted.

Commenting on the moratorium of up two years on the acceptance of new sponsorship applications for parents and grandparents that came into effect on November 5, 2011, Jain observed that this “will certainly place a hardship on hard-working immigrants who simply want to sponsor their parents.” Jain also expressed reservations about CIC’s proposed new multiple-entry “Parent and Grandparent Super Visas”, noting “the Super Visa is nice for those who can afford the private medical insurance. It privileges certain people over others.”

Jain suggests that there be a discussion in Parliament over these changes, “so that Canadians can learn the costs to health care of bringing in older people versus the potential benefits when a parent comes in and enables, for instance, the sponsor and his spouse to both work and pay taxes with the sponsors’ parents taking care of the sponsors’ children. What are the real social benefits to having parents live in Canada — both to the immigrant who is here and to the potential immigrant who is attracted to Canada because of the ability to sponsor a parent?”

For further information on CIC’s new rules for sponsoring parents and grandparents or on the requirements and process generally in applying for permanent residence in the family class, please contact the immigration law specialists at Green and Spiegel LLP.