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Nova Scotia’s New Immigration Strategy Aims to Double Immigration by 2020

Nova Scotia has recently announced a new immigration strategy which aims to double the number of immigrants to the province by 2020, from the current target of 3,600 annually to 7,200.
Named “Welcome Home to Nova Scotia,” the strategy will target international workers with the technical skills and international contacts the province believes are necessary to become more innovative, productive and competitive and to offset a declining working age population. The strategy aims to see the government work more closely with employers, community organizations and labour to ensure the province attracts immigrants whose skills are most needed in the workforce.
The new strategy will also:

  • provide critical employment information about credential recognition and settlement information, to help immigrants plan for working and living in Nova Scotia before they arrive
  • improve settlement programs such as extending immigrant navigator services to all regions of the province
  • ensure easier and quicker recruiting of temporary foreign workers for employers
  • provide more protections for temporary foreign workers, and enhance programs that encourage them to make Nova Scotia their permanent home
  • allow for strategic marketing to attract immigrants from around the world and international graduates already here in Canada
  • establish a formal and ongoing evaluation of the nominee program to ensure accountability for immigrants, employers and taxpayers

To help meet its goal of doubling immigration, Nova Scotia will boost the number of immigrants it will sponsor under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to 1,000 a year by 2015 and 1,500 a year by 2020. In order to do so, the province will require the federal government to lift the current caps placed on PNPs which limit the number of nominations that can be issued each year.
PNPs allow Canadian provinces and territories to sponsor skilled migrants who have skills in certain areas for permanent residence in Canada. In order to immigrate to Canada under a PNP, a person must first apply to the province in which they wish to settle and complete the provincial nomination process. After a person has received a provincial nomination, he or she must then make a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residence.

For further information on PNP sponsorship and other types of applications for immigration to Canada please contact us.