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Federal Skilled Worker Program Sets New Selection Criteria for Permanent Residence Applications

On May 4, 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada re-opened the Federal Skilled Worker Program with new selection criteria. The program introduces a new stream for applicants whose occupations fall under any one of 24 eligible occupations listed by CIC, viewable at:

For those who do not fall under any of the 24 eligible occupations listed, they may still apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program with an offer of arranged employment confirmed by a Labour Market Opinion, which we can assist in obtaining. International students pursuing PhD studies at a Canadian institution or who have graduated from a Canadian PhD program within the past 12 months may also apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

All applicants must prove they have set minimum language skills in English or French and must obtain an educational credential assessment. After meeting eligibility requirements, applicants will be assessed on a points grid. The pass mark remains 67 points.

Under the new stream of 24 eligible occupations, there is a cap of 300 applications per  occupation, so it is critical to prepare the application immediately in order that we are ready to submit it as soon as the program opens. In light of this, for anyone who is planning to apply, the following action is urgently required:

1)    Registration and Completion of the IELTS Test

All applicants are required to submit proof of language proficiency in English or French. Please arrange to register for the next sitting of the IELTS test. Applicants must obtain a minimum score of 6 for each of the four skills tested (speaking, listening, writing, and reading). For married persons, we recommend that the spouse also take the test in order to maximize the points assessment.

For those who also have French skills, we recommend that they also take the Test d’évaluation de français in order to maximize the points awarded for language proficiency.

It is important to note that test results will be accepted by CIC for only two years from the date of issue.

2)    Assessment of Educational Credentials

Under the new program, all applicants must also submit their foreign educational diplomas for evaluation. We recommend that applicants start by applying online immediately to create a file with World Education Services (WES). They require clear, legible photocopies of all graduation certificates or diplomas issued by the institution attended, as well as academic transcripts from the institution attended for all post-secondary programs. Specific requirements apply depending on the country of education. Further details are available at the following address:

Please note that,for the purposes of the new Federal Skilled Worker program, CIC will only accept educational credential assessments issued after April 17, 2013. No issued educational credential assessments  may be submitted before that date.

3)    Application Forms

All application forms must be fully completed. Please fill out the following application forms and return them to us as soon as possible:

  • IMM 0008, Generic Application Form for Canada

Completed by the principal applicant only


  • IMM 5669, Schedule A: Background/Declaration

One for each of the principal applicant, spouse or common-law partner (whether or not they are accompanying the principal applicant to Canada), and each dependent child over the age of 18 (whether or not they are accompanying the principal applicant to Canada)


  • IMM 0008, Schedule 3: Economic Classes

Completed by the principal applicant only


  • IMM 5406, Additional Family Information

One for each of the principal applicant, spouse or common-law partner (whether accompanying or not), each dependent child over 18 years of age (whether accompanying or not)


  • IMM 5562, Supplementary Information – Your Travels

Completed by the principal applicant, but must also complete all sections including those for spouse/common-law partner and dependent children over 18 (whether accompanying or not)


  • IMM 5476, Use of a Representative

If the principal applicant has an accompanying minor whose other parent will not be accompanying the minor, please also complete:

  • IMM 5604, Separation Declaration for Minors Travelling to Canada

In the case of a common-law union, the principal applicant must also complete:

  • IMM 5409, Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union

If the principal applicant has more than five dependents (whether they are accompanying or not), he or she will also need to complete:

  • IMM 0008DEP, Additional Dependents/Declaration


4)    Supporting documents

Please see the list of supporting documents in the attached Green and Spiegel LLP Skilled Worker Checklist that must be submitted with the application. Please note that as CIC has not yet released the full list of required supporting documents and we expect that there will be some changes once the program is rolled out.

Please call us at 416.862.7880 to discuss your individual case. We look forward to assisting you with this process.