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Entrepreneur Class Immigrants Wait Nearly Four Years to Remove Permanent Residence Conditions

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently confirmed that the average wait time for entrepreneur class immigrants who have applied to remove their conditions of permanent residence is nearly four years. CIC’s 2010 statistics, by region, were as follows:

Atlantic Provinces –3.7 years
Quebec – 3.7 years
Ontario – 3.5 years
Prairies and Northern Territories – 3.7 years
British Columbia and Yukon – 3.8 years

CIC also clarified that the onus is on entrepreneurs to provide CIC with sufficient and timely evidence of their compliance with conditions for a period of at least one year within a period of three years after the day on which they became a permanent resident. As such, wait times for the removal of conditions in entrepreneur cases are directly correlated to prompt compliance and reporting on the part of the entrepreneur.

The conditions require entrepreneur class immigrants to demonstrate, within three years of obtaining permanent residency, that:
• they control at least one-third of the equity and actively manage a qualifying Canadian business for at least one year after becoming a permanent resident; and
• the business must have created the equivalent of at least one full-time job (1,950 hours of paid employment) for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (other than for the entrepreneur and his/her dependants).

For further information on the process of applying for immigration to Canada as an entrepreneur or for removal of the conditions of permanent residence, please contact us.