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Citizenship and Immigration Canada announces new re-testing option for Citizenship Test

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced this week that a re-testing option will be made available to citizenship applicants who fail the written knowledge test required for attaining citizenship on their first attempt. This option was previously available on a temporary basis from March 2010 – February 2011 after the introduction of the revised written citizenship test and the new Discover Canada study guide.

Applicants who fail the knowledge test on their first attempt will now be given the option of either sitting again for the knowledge test within approximately 4-8 weeks, or withdrawing their application for citizenship.

Previously, applicants who failed the knowledge test were scheduled for an oral interview with a citizenship judge, and were subject to lengthy waiting times due to backlogs in scheduling hearings. The new re-test option is aimed at reducing this backlog and decreasing processing times of citizenship applications.

Applicants who have failed the knowledge test and are currently in the queue for an oral interview will also be given the option of scheduling a re-test of the written knowledge test if they are under 55 years of age, and do not have a residency questionnaire in process.

Applicants who fail the knowledge test on a second attempt, however, will still be scheduled for an oral interview with a citizenship judge. These applicants will not have the option of re-writing the test a third time.

CIC also announced that moving forward all test takers will be provided with their test results following their test session. CIC is hopeful that this will allow applicants to be apprised of their options in a more timely manner.

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