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Update – Enforcement of Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTA)

November 11, 2016 –  As of yesterday, the use of Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTA) has been enforced.
The new eTA program requires travellers to Canada by air to complete an online questionnaire, pay a $7 fee and receive government approval prior to departing for Canada. This measure primarily affects travellers to Canada who are citizens of visa-exempt countries or who hold a US Green Card. US citizens are exempt from the eTA requirements.
Permanent residents of Canada and Canadian citizens who are dual citizens are not permitted to apply for an eTA and must present their valid Canadian passport or Canadian Permanent Residence Card in order to travel to Canada by air. American-Canadian dual citizens who hold a valid US passport are exempt from this requirement.
If you have difficulty acquiring an eTA, or your permanent resident card has expired, we encourage you to contact us to see how your travel issues can be resolved.