U.S. Immigration: Temporary and Permanent Status

P Athlete/Entertainer Status

This category is for persons wanting to perform in an athletic or entertainment event in the U.S. This category includes internationally recognized athletes and entertainers (P1), athletes and entertainers pursuant to reciprocal exchange programs (P2); and culturally unique artists and entertainers (P3).

P1 athletes must show that they are internationally known either as an individual or as part of an athletic team. P-2 athletes or entertainers do not require industry recognition. To qualify, the alien must be either an artist or an entertainer, comparable to those in the United States, who is participating in a reciprocal exchange program.  P-3 artists or entertainers must be coming to the United States for the purpose of teaching others and to further develop the art form. Teachers and coaches may also qualify to enter the United States under this category.

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