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More convenient Passport process for Canadians living and working outside of Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has just announced that Canadians living and working outside of Canada may now apply for a passport with the following options as guarantors:

· An adult with a valid passport or with a passport expired less than a year ago; or

· An individual of an occupation from an expanded list (who are not required to be Canadian citizens), called a “universal guarantor list”. This list includes individuals in the following occupations:

  • medical doctor;
  • dean/head of university or college;
  • dentist;
  • judge;
  • lawyer/notary;
  • notary public;
  • pharmacist;
  • police officer;
  • signing officer of a bank or trust company or of a financial institution that offers a full range of banking services (cash withdrawals, deposits, savings); and
  • veterinarian.

For more information, please contact Green and Spiegel LLP.