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Green and Spiegel Lawyer Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Green and Spiegel, LLP is delighted to announce that Ravi Jain, Partner at Green and Spiegel LLP, has been awarded the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Ravi has assisted many families and businesses but this award recognizes the humanitarian side of his practice and some of the community work he does. Whether speaking at the Canadian Senate, a law school, a community college, a community organization, national law conference or weekly in the national media, he explains immigration law and policy in an accessible and straight-forward manner. Many of his litigation cases set precedents – such as the Elahi decision which not only affirmed that cultural sensitivity must be applied to decision-making at the tribunal level but also affirmed that a person cannot be prejudiced by giving retroactive effect to new and additional requirements in a regulation. A recent case also involved a stay of deportation for a Guyanese woman whose husband attempted to murder her and threatened to do so back home. Much of the work Ravi does is aimed at assisting and educating the South Asian community.