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New 10-year ePassports are now available to Canadians

According to Minister Jason Kenney, the new 10-year ePassport will provide more convenience and would facilitate safe and secure travel for Canadians, which in turn will help create jobs, growth and long term prosperity for Canadians.

The new ePassports contain technologically-advanced features such as an embedded electronic chip which is designed to prevent fraud. The chip stores the same personal information as the second page of the passport excluding the signature. Once the personal information is stored on the chip, it cannot be modified without invalidating the passport.

The new 10-year ePassport is priced at $160.

In addition, it was announced that effective July 2, 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) would assume responsibility for Passport Canada. This move is claimed to be in line with the duties the CIC currently performs in admitting permanent residence, promoting the rights and the responsibilities of citizenship, and determining Canadian citizenship.

It was announced that despite the abovementioned changes Canadians will not experience an interruption of services and would be able to continue accessing passport services through all the same service locations currently available in Canada.

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