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Federal Skilled Trades class: cap updates, certification requirements and valid offers of employment

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s overall cap for Federal Skilled Trades applications between May 4, 2013 and April 30, 2014 is 3,000. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will provide updates on the general cap, and caps for particular skilled trades once a significant number of applications have been submitted. For information currently available on caps for Federal Skilled Trades applications, click here.

Applicants under the Federal Skilled Trades class must ensure that they submit proof of certification with their application where a certain province or territory requires certification in a particular trade. In instances where a province or territory does not require certification for a specific trade, the applicant should ensure they obtain a qualifying employment offer, and if necessary, a Labour Market Opinion. Specific requirements for offers of employment and Labour Market Opinions vary depending on the trade.

In order to qualify as a valid offer of employment, the offer should be for a one year, full-time position (at least 30 hours a week). However, full-time work can be from up to two employers.

If an applicant under the Federal Skilled Worker Trades class is currently employed in Canada, the requirements are as follows:

  • Your current employer must be the same employer as indicated on your work permit;
  • You must have an offer of full-time employment for the same type of position from your current employer;
  • You must have authorization to work when you submit your application for permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Trades class; and
  • You must have a work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada pursuant to a positive Labour Market Opinion or you must be working in a position that is exempt from the requirement of a Labour Market Opinion (under an international trade agreement such as NAFTA or under the significant benefit exemption, such as intra-company transferee)
  • For all other applicants:
  • You must not be working in Canada;
  • Either your work permit is not valid or you have a work permit but you do not fit into the requirements above;
  • For these individuals, a valid offer of employment must be an offer for a full-time position for a minimum of one year from a prospective employer, and the employer must have obtained a positive Labour Market Opinion.

For additional information, please contact Green and Spiegel, LLP.