U.S. Immigration: Temporary and Permanent Status

F & M Student Statuses

The F & M visa categories are for students. The F visa is for academic students, and the M visa is for vocational or other non-academic students. In order to qualify for one of these visas, the applicant must be accepted into an established educational institution in the United States. The student must also show that he is able to support himself financially as well as pay for any/all costs of going to school. Once the school has accepted the applicant, it will provide the applicant with a non-immigrant student status application form. The student must complete the form and provide supporting documentation to the U.S. government.

The student must consistently pursue a full-course of study. Following graduation, and in limited circumstances during study, the individual is permitted to apply for work authorization.

Canadian nationals are permitted to apply directly at the border for F & M statuses.

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