U.S. Immigration: Temporary and Permanent Status

B-1 Business Visitor Status

The B-1 Visa is for persons who are visiting the United States temporarily for business purposes, but not for the purpose of employment by a U.S. entity or provision of constructive skilled or unskilled labour.  Accordingly, an individual entering the United States under B-1 status may not provide services that benefit a U.S. entity exclusively, or receive payment or remuneration from any U.S. source.  A business visitor must demonstrate that he/she will maintain a foreign residence while visiting the U.S., and that the business activities conducted in the U.S. benefit a foreign entity or the foreign activities of the applicant.  They must also confirm to the government official that their trip is for a specific time period, after which they will leave the United States.   The following are some examples of the types of business activities permitted under B-1 status: Commercial transactions that do not involve employment in the U.S. (such as exporting and importing of goods); negotiating contracts; consulting with associates; litigation; and participating in scientific, educational, professional or business conferences or seminars.

The maximum length of stay for B-1 applicants is typically up to six months, although such lengthy admissions are uncommon. Upon expiration, an applicant may request extensions of their visa but they are extremely difficult to obtain.

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